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General Information None Noted Internal Review of Final Draft in Progress
1: Abstract
  • Description of the proposed change, the location, the projected date of implementation and factors affecting the final date, and the organizational structure of the current institution

Internal Review of Final Draft in Progress

2: Background Information
  •  Clear statement of the nature and purpose of the change in the context of the institution’s mission and goals
  •  Evidence of the legal authority for the change (if authorization is required by the governing board or the state)

Internal Review of Final Draft in Progress

3: Assessment of Need
  • Rationale for the change, including an assessment of need
  • Evidence of inclusion of the change in the institution’s ongoing planning and evaluation processes
  • Documentation that faculty and other groups were involved in the review and approval of the change, where appropriate
Mid-April Internal Review of Final Draft in Progress
4: Description of Change
  • Description of the proposed change, including any change in degree-granting authority
  • Organizational chart for the proposed change
  • Description of the current governing board and the new governing board, listing the rosters for both
  • Description of the current and proposed authority of the Board and address committees of the Board
  • Explanation of the role of current owners/board members in the proposed change
  • Current and proposed conflict of interest and board dismissal statements
  • Description of any differences in administrative oversight of programs or services.
  • Description of any new foundations that will be established as the result of the change and the foundation’s role in governance, if any.
Mid-May Internal Review of Final Draft in Progress
5: Faculty As appropriate to the change: 

  • Complete roster (using the Faculty Roster form at under “Substantive Changes”) of those faculty employed to teach in all program(s), including a description of those faculty members’ academic qualifications and other experiences relevant to the courses to be taught in the program in question;
  • Course load and teaching policies
  • Supporting evidence that the number of full-time faculty members is adequate to support programs 
  • Description of impact of the new initiative on faculty and faculty workload
Mid-June Internal Review of Final Draft in Progress
6: Library
  • Description of library and information resources—general as well as specific to the program—and staffing and services that are in place to support the initiative
  • Description of how students and faculty will access information, training for faculty and students in the use of online resources, and staffing and services available to students and faculty
  • Description of discipline-specific suites of resources (such as Viva, Tex-Share, Galileo, Louis, etc.)
Mid-April Internal Review of Final Draft in Progress
7: Student Support Services
  • Description of student support programs, services, and activities—general as well as specific to the change—in place to support this initiative
Mid-May Internal Review of Final Draft in Progress
8: Physical Resources
  • Description of physical facilities and equipment to support this initiative
  • Assessment of the impact that the proposed change will have on physical resources, facilities, and equipment
Mid-May Internal Review of Final Draft in Progress
9: Financial Support Provide a business plan that includes all of the following:

  • a description of the financial transaction and the effect that the transaction has on the net assets of all the institutions involved. In addition, specifically provide details regarding each of the following: (1) liabilities, (2) transfer of assets, (3) future contractual obligations, (4) existing contracts, (5) charitable contributions generated or involved with the transaction, and (6) any other significant factor that will impact financial or physical
  • a description of financial resources to support the change, including a budget for the first year
  • projected revenues and expenditures and cash flow
  • the amount of resources going to institutions or organizations for contractual or support services
  • the operational, management, and physical resources available for the
  • contingency plans in case required resources do not materialize
Mid-July Internal Review of Final Draft in Progress
10: Evaluation and Assessment
  • Process for assessing overall institutional effectiveness
  • Procedures for systematic evaluation of instructional results
  • Process for monitoring and evaluating programs and using the results of evaluation to improve institutional programs, services, and operations
  • Explanation of how this change has affected strategic planning, including the development of annual campus master plans.
Late July Internal Review of Final Draft in Progress


Last updated: 8/22/2017