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8-3. Registration, Degree Audit, and Graduation


ASU Co-Chair – Kathy Platt, University Registrar
GASOU Co-Chair – Velma Burden, University Registrar


Armstrong State University

Kathy Platt, University Registrar
Jim Brawner, Department Head/Professor Mathematics
Nichole Booker, Special Projects Coordinator
Anne Schulte, Associate Registrar
Melinda Rocha , Administrative Assistant for Faculty Services

Georgia Southern University

Velma Burden, University Registrar
Wallace Brown, Associate Registrar
Alan Woodrum, Assistant Provost for Academic Advisement
Tifani Pool, Assistant Registrar


Create a Common Academic Calendar
Develop Common Class Schedule
Ensure a Unified Course Schedule is Prepared by Upcoming Semester
Consolidate Admissions, Registrations, and Graduation Policies & Procedures
Determine Grade Reporting Processes
Address Student Records Policies and Procedures
Develop Transcript Specifications
Consolidate FERPA Training
Address Security Issues – Records
Determine Location and Frequency of Graduation Ceremonies
Merge College Catalogs
Coordinate with Veterans Services with OWG 8-2
Establish Criteria and Procedures for Graduate Graduation
Develop a Plan for Consolidating the Scribe in DegreeWorks
Determine Software Needs/Resources
Integration of Veteran/Military Services

Last updated: 5/12/2017