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20-1. Public Safety and Security


ASU Co-Chair – Wayne Willcox, Chief of University Police
GASOU Co-Chair – Laura McCullough of Chief, Police


Armstrong State University

Wayne Willcox, Chief of University Police
Rebecca Rhinehart, Communications and Parking Coordinator
Keith Jefferies, Police Officer, Forensics Analyst
Tiffany Land, University Police Lieutenant

Georgia Southern University

Laura McCullough, Chief of Police
J. Clay Gracen Deputy Chief of Police
Terry Briley, Captain, Clery Coordinator
Debra Rowe, Records Administrator


Consolidate Campus Security and Police Policy/Procedure Manual
Contact DOE to Address Clery Act Reporting Requirements
Coordinate Meeting with All Chiefs to Discuss Best Practices
Discuss Public Safety Responsibilities & Authorities for Combined Operations
Identify new FTE Requirements for Dispatch, Patrol, and Investigation
Make Decisions on Campus Police Management Structures
Plan Transition Training and Workshops to Assist Key Supervisors
Integrate Vehicle Fleet
Coordinate with POST Agency Name Changes and/or Close Outs
Identify Radio & Phone Communications Operations for GCIC/NCIC Access
Review Mutual Aid Agreements with President; Present to BOR for Approval

Last updated: 4/25/2017