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18-2. Physical Plant


ASU Co-Chair – Katie Twining, Director, Facilities
GASOU Co-Chair – Wendy Woodrum, Associate Vice President


Armstrong State University

Katie Twining, Director, Facilities
Daphne Burch, Purchasing Manager
Tim Stillwell, Maintenance Manager
Randy Wargula, Service Response
Philip Schretter, Grounds Manager

Georgia Southern University

Wendy Woodrum, Associate Vice President
Bryan Rountree, MEP, Superintendent
Adrianne McCollar, Custodial Services Superintendent
Ryan Macy, Landscape Services Superintendent
Terry Hart, Structural Services Superintendent
Barry Hackle, Electronic Access/Lock
Tiffiney Gambill, Director, Business Operations
Jason Aultman, Service Response Manager


Identify Responsibilities for GO Bonds Asset Tracking and Records Retention
Revise Active Contracts once Consolidation is Completed
Address Additional Satellite Campus Issues
Address Use Restrictions in Rental Agreements
Consider and Implement Consolidation of Rental Space
Consolidate & Restructure Maintenance Depts., including Salary & Reporting
Identify and Reconcile Differences in Handling M&O
Change Signs on and off Campuses
Address all Out-Sourced Services, and Make Them Coincide
Identify Functional Duplication between Campuses (Supervisors, Tech., etc.)
Re-implement Mgmt. Systems: M&O Billing/Accounting, Tracking, etc.)
Address Maintenance Contracts for Plant Equipment, HVAC, Trash, etc. Consolidate Preventive Maintenance Programs
Coordinate with DOAS to Revise Compensation Claims Goals
Address Fleet Acquisition, Rental and Maintenance
Address Variances in Event Management, Support and Logistics

Last updated: 4/25/2017