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19. General Auxiliary Services


ASU Co-Chair – Greg Surrette, Interim Director, Auxiliary Services
GASOU Co-Chair – Eddie Mills, Associate Vice President, Auxiliary Services


Armstrong State University

Greg Surrette, Interim Director, Auxiliaries
Wayne Wilcox, Chief, Police
Katie Twining, Director, Facilities
Janice Ziegler, Information Technology

Georgia Southern University

Eddie Mills, Associate Vice President, Auxiliary Services
Carlita Slatky, Director, University Store
Jeff Yawn, Director, Dining Services
Kristi Bryant, Director, Parking and Transportation
Richard Wynn, Director, Eagle Card
Richie Akins, Director, Stores and Shops
Tim Stahl, Interim Director, Business and Finance, Information Technology


Integrate Bookstores
Integrate Copy Centers
Integrate Parking &Transportation
Integrate Campus Card/Badging
Integrate Food Services
Integrate Conference and Events
Address Shipping & Receiving, including Inter-Campus Mail Courier Service
Consolidate Preventive Maintenance Plans, including for PPVs
Reconcile Differences in How Depts. Handle M&O of PPV/GHEFA Space
Reassess Outsourced Functions for PPV/GHEFA (Mech., Elec., Fire, etc.)

Last updated: 4/25/2017