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8-2. Financial Aid


ASU Co-Chair –¬†Samantha Hutto, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
GASOU Co-Chair – Tracey Mingo, Director, Financial Aid


Armstrong State University

Samantha Hutto, Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Tracee Hickman, Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Natalie Martinez, Systems Analyst, Financial Aid

Georgia Southern University

Tracey Mingo, Director, Financial Aid
Heather Shelly , Compliance Officer
Elise Boyett, Associate Director
Deborah Porter , Processing Supervisor


Consolidate Financial Aid Functions and Coordinate with U.S. DOE
Begin Preparing the E-App
Make Decision on Perkins Portfolio Liquidation or Adoption
Reconcile Financial Aid ASAP
Coordinate Funding Streams and Scholarship Funding
Coordinate with Veterans Services with OWG 8-3
Consolidate Financial Aid Policies and Procedures (including IT and Security related)
Athletic Aid (Where are the athletic scholarships being honored for Armstrong students going to be awarded? By what office(s)?)
Crossover to IT BANNER OWG for Processes/Efficiencies/Automated Issues
Coordinate with GSFC

Last updated: 5/26/2017