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18-3. Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS)


ASU Co-Chair – Katie Twining, Director, Facilities
GASOU Co-Chair – Kelly Close, Director, EHS


Armstrong State University

Katie Twining, Director, Facilities
Tim Stillwell, Maintenance Manager

Georgia Southern University

Kelly Close, Director, EHS
Emmanuel Winful, Occupational Safety Manager
Chris Colson, University Fire Marshal


Identify Environmental Compliance and Occupational Safety Issues
Identify Environmental Mgmt. System Requirements for Multiple Campuses
Integrate Environmental & Occupational Safety Policies, Plans, etc.
Decide Mgmt. and Reporting Structure for EHS, including Points of Contact
Address & Consolidate Service/Consulting Contracts (Waste, Lab Hoods, etc.)
Amend USG/EPA Self-Audit Agreement with Consolidation Changes
Consolidate Campus Safety Plans and Train Where Required

Last updated: 4/25/2017