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21. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Ethics and Compliance


ASU Co-Chair – Kelly Crosby, Chief Audit Officer
GASOU Co-Chair – Jana Briley, Chief Audit Officer


Armstrong State University

Kelly Crosby, Chief Audit Officer

Georgia Southern University

Jana Briley, Chief Audit Officer

University System of Georgia

Wesley Horne, Director of Ethics & Compliance


Consolidate Enterprise Risk Management Operations
Notify Institutions about Consolidated Ethics Hotline
Determine a New Hotline URL
Determine Costs of Consolidating Hotline and How to Budget It
Determine Conversion Process for Existing Hotline Complaints, Triage, etc.
Select Which Hotline Telephone Number to Use
Identify a Hotline Administrator
Select Individuals to Make up Triage Committee and who Receives Case Reports
Select Escalation Contacts to be Called in Case of Critical Report
Update User names and Contact Info on Hotline Portal
Create New hotline Awareness Materials
Develop Timeline for Distribution of New Awareness Material
Convert Old Hotline Cases to New Hotline Vendor

Last updated: 4/25/2017