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22-2. Division of Responsibilities


ASU Co-Chair – Donna Brooks, Assistant Provost
GASOU Co-Chair – Candace Griffith, Assistant Provost


Armstrong State University

Donna Brooks, Assistant Provost
Dorothee Mertz-Weigel, Director of International Education
Brent Feske, Interim Grants Director
Sandy Streater, Associate Dean, College of Health Professions
June Erskine, Director of Field Experiences, College of Education


Georgia Southern University

Candace Griffith, Assistant Provost
Danielle Smith, Executive Director of International Programs & Services
Amber Culpepper, Assistant University Counsel
Cindy Groover, Compliance Officer for Institutional Effectiveness
Bruxanne Hein, Director of Research Services and Sponsored Programs


Review and Revise Institutional MOUs

Last updated: 4/25/2017