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18-1. Campus Master Planning and Capital Projects


ASU Co-Chair – Katie Twining, Director, Facilities
GASOU Co-Chair – Wendy Woodrum, Associate Vice President


Armstrong State University

Katie Twining, Director, Facilities
Micheal Summers, Project Manager

Georgia Southern University

Wendy Woodrum, Associate Vice President
Haroun Homayun, Campus Architect
Matthew Shingler, Interim Senior Director


Review and Evaluate Current Campus Master Plans to Transition to The New Consolidated Institution Mission
Initiate Building Inventory Validation/Update for USG Space Utilization Study Coordinate Both Institution Efforts to Inform New President and Facilitate Data Merge
Merge and Review Space Inventories
Consider Cross Training for Smooth Transition & Higher Delegated Authority
Develop Naming Protocols for Buildings
Determine if Institutions Accept Pre-Funding Commitments to Begin Projects
Work with GSFIC on Changes to Necessary Documentation (Letters)
Understand What Real Property Campuses Own
Evaluate Construction Projects
Identify Restrictions on Real Property Deeds
Identify any Reversionary Language in Property Deeds

Last updated: 4/25/2017