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ASU Co-Chair – Chris Yarborough, Director of Enterprise Applications
GASOU Co-Chair – Ted Williams, Director of IT for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management


Armstrong State University

Chris Yarborough, Director of Enterprise Applications
Janice Zeigler, Enterprise Applications Developer
Eric Lance, Enterprise Applications Developer
Kathleen Platt, Registrar
Patrice Kerner, Bursar
Roger Butler, Associate Director of Operations for Admissions
Tracee Hickman, Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Mark Taylor, Director of Academic Advising and Support
Laura Mills, Director of Institutional Research
Sandy Hart, Assistant Director of User Technology Support
Diana Leal, IT Business Analyst
Jessica Weaver, IT Business Analyst

Georgia Southern University

Ted Williams, Director of IT for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Trisha Knight, Assistant Director Enterprise Applications
Tracey Mingo, Director of Financial Aid
Velma Burden, Registrar
Amy Smith, Director of Admissions
Kim Brown, Senior Associate Vice President-Finance
Alan Woodrum, Assistant Provost
Angie Cook, Systems Analyst
James Crosby, Systems Analyst
Heidi Harsha, Systems Analyst
Tim Stahl, Director, Business and Finance IT
Ashlea Anderson, Assoc. Director, Center for Academic Tech Support
Jill Gerig, Director IT/Research of Advancement Service


Decision on Model (A+B=?)
Banner Consultant First Meeting
Decision on Student/Faculty/Staff ID Numbers (if fed from Banner)
Banner Test System Established
Banner Consultant Visits, Validations and Script TestingPerson, Overall, International, Medical Admissions, General, Faculty, Location Management and Housing Catalog, Schedule, General Student, Registration Academic History, Transfer Articulation and Graduation AR and Financial Aid
Identify Business Process Decision and Implement Where Applicable in Key Functional Areas (Ex. Who administers schedule building, advising holds, start date for combined admissions application for new university)
Identify and Code Reports Required Based on Business Process Decisions
Course Listing Available for Fall 2018
Testing: Banner Pre-Big Bang Full Dress Rehearsal /Walkthrough
Modify Datafeeds etc for all Dependent Systems
Testing: Consolidated Reports for Business Process Decisions
Fall Financial Aid Process Updates Applied
Big Bang Occurs (a separate project plan needs to be created for this based on the institution’s processes)
Implement all Modified Datafeeds
Daily Syncs Begin to Bring Data to the Consolidated Database
Fall 2018 Early Registration Begins
D2L Data Syncs Begin
Spring “Small Bang” (Primarily Brings Over Spring Grades)
AR “Small Bang” (Financial Transactions are Consolidated)
Summer “Small Bang” (Primarily Brings Over Summer Grades and Other Pending Items)
DegreeWorks System

Last updated: 5/26/2017