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Operational Working Groups

The Armstrong State University/Georgia Southern University consolidation process is guided by the Final Leadership and Responsibilities Document (PDF download) that identifies the 93 Operational Working Groups (OWGs) listed below, where most of the work of consolidation will be accomplished.

A. Overall University Structure

1. Overall Structure
2. Mission

B. Academic Degrees and Programs

3. Academic Degrees and Programs

3-1. Organization and Structure
3-2. Science
3-3. Computer Sciences
3-4. Engineering
3-5. Business and Economics
3-6. Liberal Arts
3-7. Interdisciplinary Studies
3-8. Social Sciences
3-9. Health Sciences
3-10. Public Health
3-11. Nursing
3-12. Education

C. Related Non-Degree Academic Responsibilities

4. General Education and Core Curriculum

4-1. Core Curriculum
4-2. Non-Core Requirements

D. Faculty Affairs

5. Faculty Affairs

5-1. Faculty Governance
5-2. Faculty Welfare
5-3. Faculty Processes/Resources
5-4. Faculty Development

E. Student Success

6. Student Success

6-1. Advising and Mentoring
6-2. Tutoring and Testing
6-3. First-Year Programs
6-4. Honors Programs and Undergraduate Research
6-5. International Programs and Study Abroad
6-6. Retention, Progression, and Graduation and Complete College Georgia
6-7. MOWR

F. Grants and Sponsored Programs

7. Grants and Sponsored Programs

7-1. Research Services and Sponsored Programs
7-2. Research Integrity

G. Enrollment Services

8. Enrollment Services:

8-1. Admissions
8-2. Financial Aid
8-3. Registration, Degree Audit, and Graduation
8-4. Orientation and Family Programs

H. Advancement, Development, and Alumni Affairs

9. Advancement, Development, and Alumni Affairs

9-1. Advancement Services, including Donor Relations
9-2. Alumni Affairs
9-3. Fund-Raising
9-4. Data Systems

I. Athletics

10. Athletics

J. University Foundations

11. University Foundations Operations and Integration

11-1. Properties (Housing)
11-2. Research
11-3. University Philanthropic
11-4. Athletic Foundation

K. Media and Marketing

12. Media and Marketing

12-1. Ongoing Consolidation Communications
12-2. Marketing
12-3. Public Relations and Media
12-4. Brand and Identity
12-5. Social Media
12-6. University Website
12-7. Video and Photography

L. Human Resources

13. HR, including Position Descriptions and Salary Bands

M. Business and Finance

14. Business and Finance

14-1. Budget
14-2. Business Operations and Contracts
14-3. Procurement
14-4. Tuition and Fees
14-5. Bursar
14-6. Payroll

N. Information Technology

15. Information Technology

15-1. Infrastructure
15-2. Enterprise Applications
15-3. General Support
15-4. Research Computing
15-5. Banner

O. Student Services

16. Student Services

16-1. Career Services
16-2. Counseling
16-3. Disability Services and Testing
16-4. Health Services
16-5. Student Conduct and Academic Integrity
16-6. Dean of Students
16-7. Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Programs
16-8. Military and Veteran Services
16-9. TRiO Programs

P. Student Organizations and Student Life

17. Student Organizations and Student Life

17-1. Campus Recreation Programming and Facility Operations
17-2. Fraternity and Sorority Life
17-3. Preserving Traditions and History
17-4. Student Activities/Student Life and Registered Student Organizations
17-5. Student Government Association
17-6. Leadership and Volunteer Programs
17-7. Student Activities & Student Life combined with OWG 17-4
17-8. Student Media

Q. Facilities and Physical Plant

18. Facilities and Plant Operations

18-1. Campus Master Planning and Capital Projects
18-2. Physical Plant
18-3. Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS)

R. Auxiliary Services

19. General Auxiliary Services

S. Public Safety and Security

20. Public Safety and Security and Emergency Planning and Communication

20-1. Public Safety and Security
20-2. Emergency Planning and Communication

T. Risk Management, Occupational Safety and Compliance

21. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Ethics and Compliance

U. Legal Affairs and Handbooks

22. Legal Affairs and Handbooks

22-1. University Policy Mergers and Handbooks
22-2. Division of Responsibilities
22-3. Office of Legal Affairs

V. Audit

23. Audit

23-1. External Audits
23-2. Internal Audits

W. Economic Development, Government Relations and Community Engagement

24. Economic Development, Government Relations and Community Engagement

X. Housing

25. Housing

Y. Library

26. Library

Z. Diversity and Inclusion Programs/Activities

27. Diversity and Inclusion Programs/Activities

Last updated: 5/12/2017